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A Slam Poem

Christmas time
The time of year to hang up lights
Everyone trying to show the neighborhood that they’re the best!
Be the best at Christmas, hang up those lights, decorate that yard!

Candy canes, inflatables, and so many lights!
Lights, lights lights! Hang up all the lights!
But oh, you’re too short to reach the roof
Fear of failure creeps upon you, you can’t let the neighbors win
You must hang those lights, no matter the cost

Walking swiftly to the garage, a ladder is spotted in the corner
“OH JOY” you yell; the ladder will save your Christmas yet
Bring it outside, step up swiftly and start hanging those lights
Progress is made, your house looks great!

But alas!
The ladder isn’t happy…
The ladder shakes and bends
You struggle to find balance, but it’s too late
The lights are almost done, but the ladder won’t hold any longer

Down, down, down you fall
Off the ladder and into the bushes below

You look up sadly
Anger, hate, wrath, all the feelings being felt
Only the ladder is to blame for this
“I trusted you” you scream
The ladder sits in silence, not caring

The neighbors win, Christmas is lost
The lights were never finished, you could’t get back up
Falling off the ladder was too much, it was over
All because of the ladder

Silly, dumb, strange ladder

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Short, plastic and sometimes square
Some with beards and some with hair
Multi-colored and hard in mold
Perfect size for a child to hold

Legos are fun and never boring
When you play with them, you wont be snoring
But caution you who leave them out
They cause much pain without a doubt

Though cute by trade, and loads of fun
A lego left out by someone dumb
Can be a problem, and I can prove it
When you step on one, your cool, you will lose it

Sharp pain and agony is the feeling you’ll obtain
Cause the stupid lego will make you feel insane
You’ll scream and yell and throw it away
Some dummy left it out, and they’ll have to pay

But alas, you’re to hurt to even go after
The person who left the toy out and robbed you of laughter
“IT’S NOT FAIR” you scream as you sit in the floor
And weep oh so bitterly at the pain you have to endure

The lesson here is very simple and short
Put away your Legos and be a good sport
So when someone like me steps on one and gets hurt
You won’t be the one getting sued in high court

So put away your toys and do not leave them out
If you do, there will be pain, that’s a fact, there is no doubt
So heed my warning and make my advice last
Or like me, you’ll step on a stupid Lego and end up in a cast

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I took a shower yesterday
To wash all of the dirt away
When suddenly I felt some pain
And my good mood went down the drain

I’ll try to describe the hurt i felt
I really thought my face would melt
It stung and burnt so yes I cried
The pain so real, I thought I’d died

Surprised I was to feel such hurt
I’m usually careful when scrubbing dirt
And that is why I was surprised
When the stupid soap got in my eyes

The pain! Oh soap you have betrayed me!
I didn’t know that you did hate me!
We used to be friends, the best of buds
But now I loathe all of your suds

I hate you soap, you’re no longer fun
The rebellion against you has begun
So sit on the shelf, your life is through
This shower is over. Goodbye. Adieu