Hey you. Yeah, you, reading this article. Stop it.

I want to quickly start this off by saying, “yeah maybe writing this isn’t the best idea,” because not everyone will agree with me, and frankly, I don’t want you to. The world needs differing opinions on things, it’s how solutions are built. But I want to say, off the bat, that I know what comments I’m opening myself up to by writing an “opinion piece” like this. So buckle up.

You are currently reading this from a link you clicked on via twitter or facebook and by doing that, you’re about to get some cold, wet, opinion from yours truly. It’s not like you’re not used to opinion. You, the reader of this post, are very inundated with political statements and opinions and “fake news” every second and frankly, we all need to stop. We need to take a step back and think about what we’re doing, what we’re contributing to our society.

Before the election, before the BLM movement, before the NFL anthem protests, before the Kardashians were a “thing,” there was no social media. What people tend to forget is that there was a world revolving before CNN, before ESPN, before facebook and 24-hour news cycles. The world existed almost exactly how it exists today, we just weren’t aware of it. There have always been hurricanes, earthquakes, racism, hatred, white supremacy, terrible, awful things that have always existed. Today’s world seems so much darker than ever before because we finally have the means to see it. Remember the Bible? That book that Christians read and follow? There’s a passage about a man named Noah who lived in the same world we do, only, it was so much worse, that God decided to wipe out all of literally everything because he was ashamed of what He’d created. Save for Noah, and his family, who God used to save the animals and repopulate the earth. Now, yes, because of sin and the horrible bi-product that it creates, humanity quickly rebounded to it’s terrible self, but to my original point, we’ve always existed in a broken world. Whether you believe in that or not is up to you, but regardless, my point remains true. The world is a broken place.

That being said, there is so much hate amongst one another. It might not be intentional. It might not be for political gain. But honestly what good are we bringing to our society by posting rant after rant about this talking head or that football player or that president or that political group? What example are we showing to our peers, friends, family, kids, parents, literally anyone by posting the latest link about “what the president did now” with whatever attached opinion you might have. Posting opinions will not change anyone’s mind. Unless you’re a troll and want to get a rise out of people, there’s no point. My posting of this article in the grand scheme of things also has no point, but my goal here isn’t to make a statement about one side or another, it’s for the general population reading this to say, please think before you speak. My mom always told me that God gave us two ears and one mouth for a reason. Why post something, why engage in a comment war, why bother poking the metaphorical bear when in the grand scheme of things, it doesn’t really matter?

My point is this: take a step back. Look at your friends, family, those around you, those who read your words, those who see your influence, in reality, and on social media. Take what you say and put it through a filter. I try my very hardest to refrain from posting political things because all it does these days is breed more arguments. Our climate is so easily offended about every little thing, and it’s maddening. I’m not saying to stop posting opinions completely. Like I said in the beginning, arguments can lead to solutions and compromise. But for the general overall health of our culture, please please think about what you say before you say it. You can live a better life by posting about your kids day at school or your funny pet instead of the latest garbage that comes out of a politicians mouth. We can all rally around causes like helping fellow humans in need after hurricanes. Spreading love is more important than arguing. So please, listen to me or not. All I’m saying is that the generations after yours, mine, and the ones after mine, are all absorbing our thoughts, whether we like it or not. So stop, take a step back, breathe, and say something nice.