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Today it’s raining.
Today’s rain is very cold.
Rain brings life.
Rain brings change.
Rain brings rest.
Rain brings thought.
Deep thought.
Thoughts that reflect.
Like a mirror.
Rain is like a mirror.
Mirrors are weird.
Have you ever thought that if the reflection in the mirror moved away first, you would disappear?
Disappearing would be neat.
Neat and tidy.
Not taking up space or matter.
Just like my room.
Neat and tidy and clean.
Cleaning is a strange thing.
It’s almost cathartic for some people.
People obsess.
Obsessions lead to addictions.
My Strange Addiction is a strange show.
What if there was a show about someone whose strange addiction was watching My Strange Addiction?
It’d be a show about someone obsessing about watching the show about obsessions.
How upsetting.
Upset people are sad.
I don’t like it when people are sad.
Sadness can be easily fixed by food though.
I’m hungry.
Maybe I should get some Chick-Fil-A.
It’s too far to drive though.
Driving is neat.
But driving today isn’t neat.
There’s lots of traffic because of the weather.
And the weather is wet.
Wet because of the rain.
Rain kinda sucks.
I’m gonna go sit in my bed and watch Netflix now.
Thanks, rain.


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