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The One About Lists

So I’ve noticed a shift in pop-culture recently. What is the shift you ask? Well, it seems to me that we as young consumers are receiving all of our information by way of lists. Lists are the forefront of facebook, twitter, and all social media with sites like Buzzfeed taking over what we read and talking about what goes in the world. So why are lists so powerful? Why do we pay attention to lists so much more than regular, informative essays? Here’s a list to explain:

The List to explain Lists: AKA Why are Lists so Popular?

1. Convenient format

2. Easy to move from main point to main point

3. You can sometimes say something ridiculous like #TWERKFORYOURTURKEY and get away with it


5. They’re good for short attention spans

6. They can LITERALLY talk about any subject, and make the reader agree with it

EXAMPLE: Top 5 reasons why your pet rock is cooler than you

1. It doesn’t have to go to school, therefore, no homework

2. Doesn’t worry about money

3. Needs no food

4. It doesn’t need cleaning

5. Can sit and do nothing all the time

7. People connect to topics like 20 Reasons why we’re all stuck in the 90’s

8. Face it, you weren’t doing your homework anyway

9. The more things listed, the more intrigued you are about the end

10. I forgot where I was going with this post

And there you have it! That’s why lists are so important and are taking over the world! Check out this blog next week for the Top 10 secrets that only Dogs know!


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