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Dating Made Easy (Part 2)

Welcome to the second part of the list of the Top 10 Dates as chosen by you! This list, if nothing else, can help any couple have fun in inexpensive and creative ways. Date ideas #6-10 can be found here: Dating Made Easy (Part 1)

5. *Tie* Exploring/ Road Trip & Camping

These could go hand in hand, but then one of the contributing voters got upset that I tried to combine them. First of all, Camping is a great date idea, yes, but honestly, if you two haven’t been dating for a while, camping might not be the best idea unless you’re going with a group, then it’s perfectly alright. Camping, like anything outside, can offer fishing, hiking, marshmallows and campfires, and so much more for you and your date to do. It’s also a great time to whip out the picnic blanket and stargaze, at night, or just take a long walk in the woods! Either way, it’s a win-win for you and your date. On the other hand, Road Trips/ Random Exploring is a great idea as well. Nothing says cute like a spontaneous road trip to nowhere in particular. With you and your date just sitting and driving, it’s very relaxing to just talk and take in the scenery of wherever you’re going. These two can go hand in hand as well, by driving to the middle of nowhere and then exploring your surroundings. Girls especially love looking for cute critters like bunnies and squirrels, so you’re bound to have fun. 

4. Going out to see a Movie in theaters/ a drive-in movie

This is quite possibly the second most classic date idea: a movie. Nothing says date material like going to see a film for two hours while buying popcorn and sodas (The classic “red” soda didn’t want to comply and be used in this article so I can’t use their name. Sorry) and the ticket which combined equals somewhere around $45. The good thing for the ladies is that they don’t have to pay! Unless, they force the issue though, which doesn’t happen all that often. But (as it should be) the guys will get the tap for a fun night of movie watching. Also prep yourself for really cliché “moves” that every girl will fall for. For example:

The yawn.

This move is classic. It is where the guy gets “bored” of the movie and yawns in order to give the implication that he’s tired (see image).



A few notes here. First off, don’t be as creepy looking as this guy. That smile he’s wearing could scare off a zombie. And second, no movie theatre is going to be that empty. Continuing. After yawning, the guy stretches (like above) so his arm lands around the girls shoulders allowing the girl to ease into the guy and snuggle up against him. Classic movie date. And if you, the guy, manage this move to perfection, you both will be doing this within the minute.

again, yikes

Again, yikes

Oops. Sorry about the inaccuracy of this picture… not the making out part, but the empty theater and  water-mark in the middle of the pic. Sorry bout that. Moving on, another aspect of this awesome date idea is the part called “Drive-in movies.” This is the cute part of this date idea, because all you need to do is drive up in your car and bring a blanket and all the snacks you need. Nothing says love like sitting a car watching a movie. Nothing.

3. A Night In

This should be #1 in my books, but again, my ranking system determined otherwise. This is my favorite because it’s the most simple and fun. Literally anything can be done. A Night In is best served with a homemade meal, some hot coco, and a cute movie to watch together.  As a guy, the perfect night in with a date would be to make dinner for the both of us, maybe play a board or card game until we get bored with it, and then cuddle up and watch a movie (again, this is what would do. What you do with your date is totally up to you! It’s supposed to be cute and creative so have fun with it).  Other activities could include nerf-gun wars, blanket forts, painting, pillow fights, cooking together, whatever you want! It’s just a lazy night in and it’s up to you, the couple, to do whatever you want with it!

2. Picnic

Another classic and favorite of mine. Picnics are the most simple way to have a good time with no money spent. A picnic can be had at a park, a backyard, anywhere with grass and a good view really (and I’m a hypocrite in this statement, because the last picnic I had was held on a concrete  stage under an awning because it was raining). All you need is a homemade (or store-bought) lunch and a blanket to sit on. Picnics are best held in spring or fall, ideally spring. In the fall, you can accessorize with leaves and make piles and jump in them after you eat, but in spring, you can lay on the blanket and watch the clouds, birds, flowers, and enjoy each others company as long as you want. The weather is beautiful, and you shouldn’t waste it on something silly like a movie (unless it’s storming). You and your date will find a picnic to be the best option for any sunny day when you want to do something together without much hassle.

1. Going out for Dinner

Our final date idea is, yes, the oldest, yet most popular idea in the book other than a movie. And that is Going out for dinner. This is classic because it’s always been around. When a guy meets a girl he likes, and they have progressed past the coffee stage, the gentleman will ask the lady to dinner. This could be a fancy dinner (always classy) or just a regular sit-down and casual dinner. The guy will always pay the first few times though, because it’s polite. This is always a good idea, because normally it’s low pressure, but if it’s your first date together, don’t worry, just be yourself when you talk! It’s the easiest way to make a good impression. And guys, please use manners. You don’t wanna come across as a dog when you eat. But seriously, enjoy the food and each others company, because dinner together is one of the most important dates in terms of bonding and getting to know the other person.

And that concludes the list of the Top 10 Dates! I have now solved every complaint out there regarding couples not being able to find anything to do together anymore. So, you’re welcome lazy people! Here is your successful love life, all written down in comprehensive english (for those of you reading this that don’t speak/read english, I’m sorry) to take advice from and benefit from it. Now get out there and date!


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