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Dating Made Easy (Part 1)

Hello America! Do you struggle with finding something fun to do with your significant other? Are your dates reduced to texting back and forth with each other out of boredom, or shameless flirting on Facebook and other social media? Well get out of that rut and listen up! I’ve compiled a list of the Top 10 Dates as chosen by you! That’s right, several of my friends (and myself of course) compiled a list of the best “dates” that they could think of, and using a very confusing math formula, I ranked the results in a format to help anyone that needs a good idea for a date. This list is so well thought up, that it will be released in two parts (which is a testament to my awesome friends who helped out with this list, for the awesome and well thought out suggestions). So without further adieu, here’s part one of the list (Honorable mentions: Paintball, laser tag, bowling, camping, biking, putt-putt, hot air balloon ride, fairs/festivals, sporting events, dancing, ice cream, going to the animal shelter).

10. Concerts/ Symphonies/ Musical Shows

Musical events are great for any couple unless you live under a rock and don’t have any musical interests (I’m looking at you Patrick).

Living under a rock

Living under a rock

Music is the window to the soul some wise person told me once, so take this advice: make sure you both have similar music interests before you go to a musical event. I can’t stress the importance of this. It’s ok to have different music tastes, but if you’re going to spend money and see a concert, make sure your partner has some interest too. You don’t wanna be the one dragging them to a 2-hour show that they spend the whole time covering their ears or falling asleep depending on the artist. If you both have some interest though, it should be a rockin’ (ha ha, music pun) time. The other exception to this is of course free shows, because if it sucks, or one of you hates it, then you can just leave, no harm done! It’s also a great photo-op for couples, and it’s always neat to say that you went to your favorite artists’ show live.

9. *Tie* Ice Skating & Stargazing

These are two great options, and frankly, I was disappointed these weren’t higher on the list. But anyway, let’s dive in. Ice skating is a classic date for any couple, because more than likely, you’re going to fall, and your significant other will gladly help you up and then try to scare you into falling again. It’s kind of silly when you think about it, but lots of couples find it as a cute way to hold hands (to keep from falling). Ice skating also provides the opportunity to go and get coffee/hot chocolate/tea (whatever hot beverage you people drink) when you’re done on the ice. Believe it or not, it is cold when you skate on ice, so getting a warm drink afterwards is another good transition to having a conversation with your date which can lead to a deeper connection. Stargazing on the other hand can happen in any weather. This obviously needs to happen at night unless you’re one of those nerd couples and think to yourselves, “Well the sun is a star too, so technically, we can look at the sun through our sunglasses in the daytime if we wanted too.” Well whatever you might be right, but it’s not as romantic. If you must resort to looking into the sky during the day, try clouds. I’ll get more into that subject in another date idea. But continuing, stargazing is very peaceful for those of you who just want a quiet night to yourselves in a field where you could talk about anything. This can be accomplished by finding an open field, parking lot, or wherever your heart desires, and all you really need is a few blankets and a car. Stargazing really opens up the chance for you and your date to get to know each other better by talking, or you can just enjoy each others company by sitting in silence and looking at how awesome the sky is (Helpful hint: If it’s cold on the night that you’re stargazing, bring an extra blanket that the two of you can share. Good opportunity to cuddle. Girls are really into that I guess).

8. Seasonal Dates

Okay so this is one of my personal favorites, but I’ll try not to be biased and keep it short. Seasonal dates are exactly how they sound: Seasonal. They happen during holidays and usually are the best kind of dates. During October, you can coordinate Halloween costumes, you could have a night in and watch scary movies together (Helpful hint: Another good opportunity to cuddle if you’re a guy and the girl is scared of the movie. Girls, if your date is scared of the movie, I question his masculinity and your dating choices), or you could just go to the park (this applies to any time in the fall) and jump in a pile of leaves. Other fall activities include: Pumpkin patches, apple cider, corn mazes, football games, thanksgiving meals, making cool turkey hand crafts, and much more. And who can forget CHRISTMAS (my personal all-time favorite) which is a GREAT season to go on cute dates. One can go ice skating, sing Christmas songs, you could have a Christmas sweater photo shoot, have a Christmas movie marathon, get warm drinks together, play in the snow (snowball fights are always fun), decorate your house, make Christmas cookies, go on a horse and sleigh ride, shop at the mall, see Santa Clause, too many things to mention (like building gingerbread houses, picking out a Christmas tree, decorating it, going sledding, drinking hot chocolate, sitting by a fireplace, etc.). Of course, there’s New Years eve too, which is a good opportunity to watch the new year celebrations on TV or have your own party at home.

7. *Tie* Getting Coffee & Going to the Zoo/ Aquarium

Now, these are both good suggestions for solid dates. I’ll begin with the Zoo and Aquarium. Girls LOVE the zoo, because to them, animals (most of them anyway) seem cute and not everyone gets to see a penguin or a seal everyday. Guys love the zoo too, but mainly for the more grizzly animals like bears (ha, another pun), bobcats, snakes, etc. It’s the same for the aquarium. Fish (and penguins again) are so whimsical to us humans, that you could go there everyday and find a fish that you didn’t see the day before. It’s an interesting place to go for both the guy and the girl, so it makes a very fun date, and is normally inexpensive. Now Getting Coffee is another story in itself. This is a good first date, one where it’s no pressure and very friendly. Yes, the guy should pay (unless it’s clear that it’s NOT a date), and it’s a great time to sit and get to know each other and talk about life. Getting coffee is great to do even with a friend, to just chat and catch up on each other or study homework. Like I mentioned before, it can be fun and very low pressure. A good relationship builder if you ask me.

6. *Tie* Getting Surprised & A Night Out on the Town

Getting surprised was a very popular choice from both guys and girls, but for different reasons. Guys love giving the surprise, and girls love receiving the surprise, so it evens out quite well. An example: if it were me surprising my girlfriend, I’d make her favorite foods for dinner, grab one of her favorite movies, and show up at her place to eat and watch the movie (Helpful Hint: hopefully you’d both be comfortable with each other that showing up unannounced would be cute and fun rather than creepy). It’s very thoughtful to do for her, and she appreciates it (or at least I’d hope so) because she didn’t see it coming. It’s a good thing to try on the weekends, a rainy day, or when one of you is sick in bed, you could surprise them with soup and a good movie. Now a night on the town is different entirely. This is a good, inexpensive date to explore the city or small town where you both live. Window shopping is always fun (for the girls) and it’s a good chance to walk and talk about things you wouldn’t get to talk about if you went to a movie. In a city (or small town) there’s all kinds of tours, buildings, sights, stores, and attractions that you can see and do, and in Nashville, there are several places to go to have a good time with your date. It’s another low pressure situation for the both of you to walk and talk and have a good time together.

Part 2 (#’s 1-5 will be released on Thursday)


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