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A Major for Everyone

*This post is in dedication to my good friends Ike, Joey, Charles, Mary, Meekha, Erin, and Trevor who all helped create the major mentioned in the post. It happened on February 18th, 2013, in the Belmont University Cafeteria. And it was awesome. *

~This is a course description for the undergraduate major of a four-year student ~ 

Philosophical Agriculture (Bachelor of Science)

The field of plants is a rapidly growing one, as well as the field of radical thinking. Philosophical Agriculture is a beginners gateway to an array of  topics and learning that can change the world as we know it. This new major is available to any student, regardless of classification. In this new major, students will enjoy learning about everything that involves deep thinking and plants. Philosophical Agriculture offers students the opportunity to get down and dirty with nature. Anything can be done; from sitting in grass all day, to calmly debating with a peer about the rainforest. Students can learn how to speak plant, spend time in a state of the art greenhouse, or even just sit in a tree while learning the ins and outs of the way air is provided to us humans. Some typical classes in the program include: Plant growing 101, “Feeling” Flowers, Speaking Plant, Simply Moss, Finding your Inner Agriculture, Thinking Green, Plants in History, “Does My Plant Hate Me?” A Philosophical Discussion, The Basics of Seeds, Weeds: Friends or Foe, and, Grass Stains: The Real Truth. In addition to being brand new, this major will be helmed by the ever popular Astrophysicist, Neil deGrasse Tyson. Students from every field will love this major, and even if you aren’t that in to plants, Philosophical Agriculture has a wide selection of “Environment Options”  to any student who has an open mind about the Earth and its’ inhabitants. This major requires 122 credits to graduate, and is a four year major for a bachelor of science. Any range of minor is accepted to accompany this major. Philosophical Agriculture is also a great springboard for jobs in the fields of Law, Botany, Biology, Agriculture, Education, and much much more! We hope this has been informative and are excited to get this major started in a big way! Remember to “Think Green!”


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