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Writing. It’s what humans do when there is nothing else to do, or if they’re just bored our of their coconuts, in which case they should probably go see a doctor. I’m writing things down as they happen, because it’s how I like to communicate nowadays. Gone are the days of Facebook©(ironic though, because this will probably get linked to FB , just because I’m a selfish goon who wants web hits) and “status updates” that matter to us individuals. Now our culture is fast paced and wanting updates instantaneously. That’s what twitter© is for. A website completely tailored for news and updates that us humans eat up instantly. But I figure, “why can’t we go back to slowing down and reading something interesting every once in a while? What’s wrong with writing books and stories every now and then?” And you might say, “Well Scott, that’s just crazy, books are irrelevant now.” And I’ll say, “Well I’m not writing a book. Just a blog.” And that’s what this is; an experiment for me to regurgitate sentences and words into meaning and structure because I’ve found that writing things down is a way for me to not only relieve stress, but to get my true thoughts down in a (sometimes) comprehensible and humorous way. It’s a way to show you people that I can put something down in a long-ish format of writing, and you can (or can’t. Don’t let me order you around) sit for a while and read. It’s a lost art, reading. I enjoy it so much and even more, I love writing.  SO HUMANS. This is my first post. More will come after this. I’m not promising greatness, but I am promising fun.

Till next time.


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